Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Dog and her Bone

Ugh... Annie picked this up out on the trail on our walk today. At first we thought it was a stick but after she kept walking and walking with it and refused to put it down (she is not normally interested in sticks) we looked closer. It is a bone. I guess it is a leg bone - it has a joint that looks like a knee and a knob that looks like a pelvic or hip bone. Ugh... We finally convinced her that she could not bring this home even though she thought is was an excellent treasure. I keep shuddering just thinking about it. I guess it is a deer bone. We have seen a big group of 12 -15 deer out behind our house all winter and of course, lots of coyotes. Last night there was a long howling session by a coyote at about 2 am - not sure if this bone is that fresh or not. Ugh... more shuddering on my part.

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